Hello there!

Saturday, 21 January 2017

PENANG: This is where my personal blog will go! I've decided to make my WordPress blog my 'tech' and 'professional' blog while Neocities will be where my personal blog will go. I've decided to also stop posting on Tumblr (my personal Tumblr blog) because of its slow performance, regardless of whether your accessing it via a browser or the Tumblr app.

I'll attempt to restrict my use of images to Creative Commons reusable images, and to save storage space on this Neocities account, I'll just link them directly from their source.

Rants will appear on this blog. But I want to make it clear to those I may be talking about in those rants that those thoughts would probably only be from how I felt at that time, and not necessarily a "personal declaration of war". Indeed, the act of ranting may seem childish, but I'll try my best to reformat my 'cliche rants' into more... artful forms.