Today 2

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

This year's Chinese New Year celebration has been uneventful. Just like every other year - my family has reunion dinners or lunches. Nothing much else. The news is filled with the circus that is the White House. Petrol prices in Malaysia have risen despite crude oil prices having dropped last month.

I've been listening to music I used to listen to years ago, or even from the year before last. In light of new experiences in life and recent events around the world, much of the music I've listened to have gained new meaning, a fresh face.

My browser swapping bonanza is probably coming to an end - it's either Chrome or Brave. Though the recent changes by Google to lock DRM in both Chrome AND Chromium have been rather disappointing. However switching to Brave is difficult with its interface being less 'dynamic' or feeling as solid as Chrome. It's the simple things, really. Like how having far too many tabs leads to the browser creating a second 'page' of tabs which I can't scroll/swipe to (Firefox allows you to scroll around the tab bar, by far a more superior tab management perk compared to Safari's 'tab overview page' or Chrome/Opera/Vivaldi's crammed tabs).

Work on my Linux distribution, Antorca, hums along albeit slowly. I've been playing around with this site quite a fair bit - changing the background, fonts, colours, etc.