Browser Rant

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Browsers on the macOS platform are shambolic. I've tried just about all major browsers and a handful of lightweight, obscure browsers within the last month. I've discovered one thing in common about most of the major browsers - they're all resource hogs. Lightweight browsers on Windows and Linux (various distributions) don't have a problem with rendering pages (especially modern pages), but hell, enter macOS. Lightweight browsers on macOS just don't live up to their counterparts on other platforms and their bigger siblings on macOS.

Frustrations with syncing preferences and plugins in Google Chrome have led me to switch to Brave for a few hours, only to once again find the user interface somewhat annoying. I hopped back onto Firefox but the sluggishness of the interface and the plugins made me decide to completely purge Google Chrome from my Mac and re-install it from a fresh installer image.